Here is a list of people who work in philosophy of mind and cognitive science in the Nordic countries. If you would like to be listed, please email Ole Koksvik. Include a short description of yourself, CAPITALISE your family name, and attach a jpeg picture.

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I am an Associate Professor in Philosophy and Psychology atLinda Fisher-Høyrem Ansgar Theological University College. I am interested in different views of human nature, the mind, the brain, the body, persons and identity, and the relation between understandings of these concepts as found in Philosophy of Mind, Counselling Psychology, general mental health policy and therapeutic contexts.

In particular I am interested in whether and how non-reductive ontologies might provide philosophical frameworks for the pragmatism already being practised in contexts of counselling and mental health work, or how unchecked philosophical assumptions shape definitions of mental health problems. This includes an interest in how the experimental sciences might shape and inform metaphysical speculation and vice versa.


koksvikI am a Postdoctoral Research Fellow at the University of Bergen. My research is concentrated in two areas.

In the intersection of philosophy of mind and epistemology I focus on conscious experience, and especially on its role in human rationality. In my doctoral dissertation I argue that intuition is a type of experience which justifies belief for the same reason as why perceptual experience does.

In political philosophy I focus on the moral obligations we the affluent have to the very poor. I ask whether the widespread practice of giving priority to compatriots over the much greater need of the distant poor is justified, and whether certain business relationships give rise to significant obligations to alleviate poverty. My homepage is at


ParthemoreMy research lies primarily in philosophy of mind and in particular theories of concepts, notably Peter Gärdenfors’ Conceptual Spaces Theory and derivatives, including one of my own I call the Unified Conceptual Space Theory. Theories of concepts describe the properties and application of systematically and productively structured thought, as well as its evolution.  My wider interests include consciousness studies, where I see consciousness as the “flip side of the coin” to conceptual agency;  philosophy of cognitive science, particularly as it relates to artificial intelligence; and ethics, particularly metaethics, so-called machine ethics, and questions concerning moral agency. I am currently lecturing at the University of Skövde, Sweden.