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Some Clarifications

NorMind is off to a good start: a number of people have expressed enthusiasm for the idea, and the second meeting is already being planned (stay tuned!). Excellent!

There’s also some uncertainty and confusion, which is not surprising, given that not much information has been available. This post aims to clear up some of that.

NorMind is an informal network. It is not an organisation. It does not have a membership roster, a leadership structure, or anything like that. Those listed as ‘Organisers’ are simply people involved in getting the Network off the ground.

(This is not to say that an organisation would be a bad idea. If anyone wants to start one, they should! NorMind just isn’t it.)

There are no criteria for membership in NorMind. If you’re interested, if you want to come along to a meeting: come! We’ll be happy to see you. That said, NorMind will be pitched for those involved in philosophy of mind and cognitive science in an academic setting. Our meetings will reflect this: they will look a lot like academic workshops.

NorMind is a regional network, primarily aimed at the Nordic countries: Denmark, Finland, Iceland, Norway, and Sweden. Regional networks have some benefits; among other things, travel will be fairly easy. A larger network, for example encompassing all of Europe, would have other benefits. If someone wants to start one, they should! NorMind just isn’t it.

Importantly, those working in other locations are most welcome to the meetings. However, where travel funding is available, preference may be given to those working in the Nordic countries, other things being equal.

The intention is to promote Normind, and the meetings, to all relevant departments in the Nordic countries. We are currently trying to assemble a list of departments and contact information, and as soon as we have it, we will email everyone. In the meantime, all information about NorMind will be posted on this blog, so please help us by spreading the word.