NorMind is an informal network of philosophers of mind and cognitive science working in the Nordic countries (and nearby). It is inspired by the Mind Network in the UK.

The overarching aim of the network is to nurture a stronger community of researchers who are working in the Nordic countries, and who have overlapping interests.

NorMind does this in two ways: by organising meetings, and by running a blog.


NorMind will organise meetings twice a year, at different locations. The first meeting will take place at the University of Bergen on January 9, 2015. If you are interested in organising a meeting, please contact Ole Koksvik.

The format of the meetings, at least initially, will be similar to a one-day workshop, with three or four papers presented. Early career researchers will be well represented among the speakers. There will also be a session dedicated to exchange of news and the like. Graduate students are especially encouraged to attend.

The name notwithstanding, NorMind is not an exclusive club: researchers working outside the region are of course most welcome to attend the meetings (and contribute to the blog).

In order to keep the organisational burden relatively light, NorMind will not, at least at the outset, have funds of its own to award. Participants (and speakers) at our meetings will therefore have to cover their own expenses. Local organisers are of course welcome to try to secure funding, and if successful, will distribute this on a needs basis. Since this is a regional network, preference will be given to researchers from the Nordic countries, ceteris paribus.


NorMind will also run this blog. Here news and opportunities of relevance to researchers in the region will be posted. All are encouraged to contribute.


NorMind is facilitated by Adrian Alsmith, Kathrin GlüerGunnar KarlsenOle Koksvik, Thomas Raleigh, and Sebastian Watzl.



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